What is Google AdWords


What is so special about google AdWords, now think what ever your industry you want customers, for the time being think as if you are a customer, put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and assume that you want to buy a tyre. If a man wants to buy a tire he does a google search, what would he search ? he will search something like “Goodyear 215mm width” once he types this in, there will be a list of 10 web addresses with descriptions on google. Those links are called organic rankings at your right hand corner you find Ads by google when you put up ads you have a link with a brief description, if some one clinks on that link you will be charged $0.50 in average.

Advantage is you can chose to display your Ads only in the location you want eg:- New York city.




Customer Service

Service Facts

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


  • 45 Storefront Languages
  • Real Time Shipping Rates


  • iPhone Management App
  • Discount Coupons
Facilities you get

Facilities You get in Adwords

So you have a small budget how do you advertise your product on google?


  1. You have the following options :-

    1. 01. You can display your Ads in places you want on the internet.
    2. 02. You can set your own cost-per-click (CPC) price point
    3. 03. Track the success of your Ad campaigns.
    4. 04. Only someone interested in your product will click on the link






SWG Info

  • 12 Years of industry experience
  • Latest Technologies
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  • Tailor made solutions
Additional Information
What you get

“We provide a complete package. ”

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